Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pool Time

We went to the pool on Saturday morning for a couple of hours. Nolan loves the bath tub, so I assumed he would love the pool. . . I was wrong.

First, we tried out the floaty thing.

Then walking around with me. . . It wasn't that he cried. He didn't. He just snuggled up to my shoulder and held on for dear life.

Ben discovered if he walked through the little shower thing in the kids area that Nolan would snuggle up to him, too. And since the man child seldom snuggles any more, Ben took advantage. Eventually he fell asleep on Ben's shoulder under the shade of the cabana and had a nice nap.

I thought I was going to be smart and get a little sun on my legs that morning. . . I was wearing a knee length dress to the wedding later and I didn't want to be pasty white. My arms survived Sea World with a nice tan. . . it seemed logical. It was not. My legs, and only the fronts of them, mind you, were toasted to a crisp. I looked AWESOME at the wedding. And only now, 4 days later, can I kneel down without pain.

Spare me the cancer lectures. I know. It was dumb.


Heidi said...

I don't know what it is about the big pool that scares them so. Maybe it's the sensation of not being able to touch the solid ground? Maren, who is normally Little Miss Fearless, does the exact same thing as Nolan in the big pool--hold on like she's a starfish and I'm a rock! Yet in the little pool she's fine, and I think it's because she can touch the ground. She was scared in the ocean too.

I have a theory that legs are harder to tan than arms because they're round and the uneven surface reflects the sun. Or something scientific like that. LOL But all I know is that after a few days at the pool my back and arms and shoulders look awesome and my legs are still white. Huh.

megan said...

That is so darling that he snuggles up to you when he is scared! I love cuddles, I probably would have taken advantage, too, heh.

And sorry about your sunburn. No fun! At least now you'll have some color, eh? My arms are so dark, despite applying 50 spf on them religously, and my legs are whiter than glue. Cute!

emily said...

My kid is NOT a snuggler, either!! Boo! I hope your legs are feelin' better...

Stefanie said...

Must be a boy thing...Max doesn't snuggle much either.

We tried the pool floatie with him, and he didn't like that either...he DID, however, enjoy kicking his legs in the water and making lots of splashes!!