Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday Cupcakes

Melanee hosted a BBQ on her newly finished patio Friday night. I couldn't resist the opportunity to try a new cupcake for the occasion. Mini Boston Creme Pie cupcakes. They came from a mix, but I switched it up a little, cutting a cone of cupcake out, filling them, and sticking the cupcake piece back in.

Of course, that process made them not flat on top, so the chocolate glaze was out. . . I used canned chocolate frosting instead.

They were pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. Boston Creme is one of my favorite pastry options. I'll do a couple of things differently next time, but these were great for a BBQ. Just pop the whole thing in your mouth at once.


Mrs. Webster said...

I made those good cupcakes you gave me the recipe for (cool whip frosting, yogurt in the batter) at my sister's 13th bday party. They were SUCH a hit! I did cheesecake pudding and it was really tasty. Yellow frosting with lime green sprinkles. Anyways, thanks for the recipe again ;-)

megan said...

mmmm, boston cream pie.

you'll never see this comment because I'm so late, but if you do can you send me some tips for cupcakes for a baby shower open house I'll be throwing this weekend?

Sufoot said...

I have a cupcake cookbook that has several recipes for cupcakes with fillings (one of them is Boston Creme). And they suggest - and I haven't done this - putting the filling in a pastry bag with a small-holed tip, pushing the tip into the cupcake, and just start filling. They say when the cupcake starts to crack, to let up - it's had enough. That might be an easier way...I REALLY want to try the Boston Creme but my husband doesn't like it...what kind of person doesn't like Boston Creme?!!.....*sigh* husband, that's who.