Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby Bedding

The plan was all set. . . My mom was going to help me make bedding for the baby's room. Between us it didn't seem like it would be a huge challenge. And I found some awesome fabric in the colors I liked.

This being a boy baby, I really like the
idea of a chocolate brown, light green and light yellow room. They are the colors of the diaper bag Ben got me for mother's day, and I love the combination. And it had to work with the dark stain on the furniture we got.

I looked everywhere for bedding I liked to buy. Simple, modern, not cutesy bedding. Who knew it would be so hard to find for less than $500? Ridiculous!

Until I happened upon this set:

And here's the freaky part. It's only $90 for the whole set. Yes, it's from Walmart, and we don't like supporting the great satan. However, having a baby is expensive! I might just cave. If the quality is awful, I'll send it back and go back to plan A of making everything.

But if this works out. . . that would be an awfully big project that wouldn't have to be started. . .
And I'm all for that.


Heidi said...

That set is really cute. Love the color combination! I remember being absolutely astonished that crib bedding was so expensive. I had NO idea that I was looking at spending $100+ for what is essentially a couple yards of fabric! Now that is one heck of a racket, I tell you.

Melanie said...

And that's just the ugly stuff. . . The stuff you'd actually want in your home is 5 times that much. Such a joke.

Jeremy S. said...

Great Satan? Tut, tut. Just ignore those feelings. They go away with time.

When you feel a vague sort of Walmart guilt, and you want to pay someone in a local store or a living-wage store double what you pay at Walmart, and you feel guilty, just, you know, take the hundred-dollar bill you saved at Walmart last time you shopped there and, you know, just sort of dab the corners of your eyes with it.

It helps.