Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ocean's 13

For the first time since the Oscars, this weekend, we went to a movie.

Is it an insane thought to anyone that knows me that I waited 5 months between trips to the movies? Oh yes. But we have to remember 3 things:

1) I've been pregnant. Which equals sick and/or tired, depending on the day.

2) We've been working on a play for 2+ months, so time has been hard to come by.

3) There was nothing in theaters I had any desire to overcome #1 or #2 to get out and see.

This weekend we went to see Ocean's 13.

True, Ocean's 12 was awful. Truly awful. But Ocean's 11 is one of the best heist movies ever made, and i had it on good authority that this one was much more like the first than the second. And it was. Overall, a really good movie. It won't go into my favorite movies list, but it was totally watchable and even entertaining. Not a waste of time at all.



Heidi said...

That one does look really fun! We'll have to go on a date and go see it. I loved Ocean's 11. This weekend we watched "For Your Consideration" on DVD...what a letdown. Bummer, as I usually love Christopher Guest and his regular cast but this one was just boring and unfunny. Waiting for Guffman is still his best movie (even counting Spinal Tap!) IMO.

BTW--have you seen that Ann Taylor Loft now has maternity? I think it's only available online and I haven't seen it yet but it may be worth checking out!

Melanie said...

I have seen that. I am contemplating what I need. . . :) I was hoping to get something to wear to my brother's wedding, but alas, the colors are all wrong.