Thursday, June 21, 2007


When Ragtime is over next week I will have the one thing I've been waiting for the past 2 months. TIME. With a little bundle of joy coming home with us in about 4 months, there is much to do.

The following is a list of my goals for the next 4 months:

1) Clean the house. Ok, I'll have ot do this more than once, but right now, it looks like a bomb went off, and that MUST stop.

2) Help the yard. we have been neglecting the backyard in a really sad way the past 2 months, and it shows. It looks bad. We need to get out there and do some serious work.

3) Decide what to do with the nursery, and DO IT. I can't decide what to do with paint colors or decor. . . we need to make a choice on that. And pick up the crib. And move furniture around. . . etc. . .

4) Finish the quilt for our bed and send it in to get quilted. Also, finish the other quilt I started 2 years ago. (stupid diamonds!!)

5) Make a header for this blog. I am done with the crappy one that's up there.

And yes, this is just the beginning of the list. I honestly think that getting ready for the baby alone could probably take up about 2 months. I better get on this stuff. After I take a nap.

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