Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sunday was a pretty big day for our family. Aubrey was blessed, we had a big family gathering to celebrate, and later that afternoon my dad was set apart as Stake Patriarch. I still contend that he seems awfully young for a job like that. . . but who am I to say? After all of that, I took photos for Jeremy & Emily to use in their wedding announcements. Thanks to Nick's fancy new camera, they turned out great.

Here are some highlights of the day:

The Hackett Family right before the blessing

Mom & baby Aubrey in her gorgeous dress

4 generations of ladies

The fam
Jason had run home and Ben was in Wisconsin. . .
but this is the rest of us

Poor kid ended the evening throwing up.
Apparently he had strep but we had no idea.



Aubrey in the cute striped onesie I got her.
I'm not responsible for the skirt, but it's dang cute.

And, Jeremy and Emily in a few of our favorites from our little photography adventure:

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