Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Clothes and Cousins

I am so in love with the Easter outfit we got for Nolan. All the way down to the argyle socks, which, unfortunately, you can't see in these pictures.

Tanner and Nolan looked so cute all dressed up that we couldn't resist posing them together before Natalie's kids showed up.

And all of them together. I swear I took 100 of these shots, and I STILL had to do some creative photoshop work in order to get the last one right. My dad has 3 computer monitors in his office and he wants to stretch the last shot over the three of them. How cute are they?!


Marianne said...

I love sweater vests. Mark keeps chiding me because Collin has like 5 of them. They're so cute.

Jess said...

i love his outfit...gavin wore a sweater vest too. i love them!! :)

emily said...

yeah-- that outfit is REALLY cute. and I love argyle.

And the last shot is really really fun! Good job!