Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We went to Nolan's 4 month check up today

Yes, he's actually 4.5 months old,
but we had to wait for an appointment

He's a big boy

17 lbs 7 oz
26 inches long

He goes higher and higher in
his percentiles every time
we go in
He's now in the 90th % in
weight and the 80th
in height


Anonymous said...

We go for our six month next week, and I'm curious to see how much she's grown. It feels like she weighs 50 pounds after I carry her around for a while...It's crazy how big they get, and how fast it happens. Imagine if we all grew and gained weight at the rate babies do. Yikes!

emily said...

as always, loving the pics!

Noah had his appt. today too...