Monday, March 17, 2008

Sundance Memories

Back in January of 2007 Jen, Whitney & I were in the festival store looking at all the swag. . . There were the obligatory t shirts, sweatshirts, bags, posters, etc. . . I knew I wanted a poster, and that was all I was planning to buy. But then I came upon this darling black onsie. . . Who would have guessed they'd make Sundance onsies? I had to buy one for Aubrey (who would enter the world in March)

I found out I was pregnant about 6 weeks later.

I don't know if Aubrey ever wore it, but my sister sent it home in a bag of stuff she no longer needed the other day, and I had to put it on Nolan this weekend. And, of course, document the wearing of it. He didn't totally want to cooperate. But we managed to mostly capture the coolness. These other 2 shots are just because I think he's cute. . .

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