Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting

Some shots of the fun the kids had finding eggs:



(not hunting eggs as much as looking cool)

The traditional group photo on the steps of the porch with all of the kids who hunted eggs

A group shot of the Webster grandkids. . .
The sun was very bright, their eyes were still watering from the big group shot.

And one more bright spot in the day. . .

My mom comes from a family of 6 girls. Each of those 6 has an average of 4 kids. One year, exactly to the day, in fact, 5 of those 6 had a baby. This year the grandkids one-upped them. 6 of us had babies in a year. But the really impressive thing is that 5 of us had them inside of 4 months. Aubrey and Nolan are 7 months apart, and they are actually the first 2. The other 4 babies in this picture have all been born since Nolan was. Crazy!

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