Monday, March 24, 2008

Cupcakes, Easter Edition

I had 2 different cupcake endeavors this weekend that I'd like to share.

First, for the Easter egg hunt at my grandparent's house on Saturday, I decided mini cupcakes were the way to go. That way, little kids could get their mouths around them, and I could make a lot of them quickly.

They were yellow cake with chocolate frosting, dipped in chocolate jimmies for the "nest" look, and with jelly bellies added as eggs.

The second set was for Aubrey and Emily's birthdays that we celebrated on Sunday. I have had this pan from Williams-Sonoma forever and have never used it. I decided this was the time. How perfect are these cute little bugs for a little girl's birthday?! Decorating them is a little bit tricky. Thank goodness Jenny was willing to help. I made her start on the lady bugs, and it turned into a huge process. I did the rest of them in the time it took to do the red. Bleh. But they turned out so cute. Not Williams-Sonoma cute, obviously, but we are amateurs. . .


Anonymous said...
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Sandra said...

Very cute!!!