Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Netflix Update

I've had a much better run with Netflix this past month, thank goodness. I was starting to wonder if my tastes had just totally changed or what. . .

Here's a brief synopsis of this month's picks:

I was a little surprised how much I liked this. Granted, I am a big Jennifer Gardner fan, but I was surprised how much I liked the supporting cast. Especially Kevin Smith. He was almost charming. . .

December Boys was a little bit slow, but still watchable. Daniel Radcliffe was surprisingly good, and the plot was sweet and sad. . . It was worth watching once, though I don't need to own it.

Creepy and suspenseful. . . I liked this movie quite a lot. It helps, though, that it was Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. With lesser actors it probably wouldn't have been as good. They played off of each other brilliantly.

I'm really not into westerns, generally. I like Tombstone, but it's pretty much the only one I've ever been able to get into. This was great. Again, the cast made the movie. I love both Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, so I was there with them from the beginning. It's also very well made, though, and I have to admit to shedding a couple of tears at the end.

Holy cow, what a brilliant actress! She SO deserved the Oscar. I was so very impressed with how well she played the changing ages. . . For a French film, too, it was incredibly accessible.

This was such a quirky movie. Very Spanish. I really liked it. Penelope is such a great actress when she is speaking Spanish. I wish the transition to English was easier for her. I always love to watch her in Spanish films to remember how talented she really is. This is a fun story, and was totally worth staying up late for.

On the horizon for the next little while. . . Michael Clayton, The Brave One, and Martian Child. Hopefully soon to be followed by Atonement.


emily said...

I love the movie post! I'm a film junkie, so anytime you want to do this kind of post (and I think you've done them before?) I'll be here, reading!
I liked the "nice guy" in "catch and release" SOO much better... So it was kinda disappointing. But I agree about Kevin Smith.
I LOVED "3:10 to Yuma", and my hubby speaks French and is a France-o-phile, so we will probably be Netflixing "La Vie en Rose"...

Thanks for your sweet message on me lil' blog, BTW.

Jules said...

I totally agree about Penelope Cruz being great when she speaks her native language. Normally she drives me crazy, but I enjoyed Volver.