Monday, July 28, 2008

Allergy attack

Today is our anniversary. Ben & I have been married for 2 years today. It's crazy to think it has been that long, but more than that, I'm floored with how much our lives have changed in 2 short years. . .

As a tribute to my dear husband, (who has rehearsal tonight, so we won't be doing anything much to celebrate) I will relate to you a little story. This happened last night, and I was given permission to blog about it. . . I tried to get Ben to write it himself, but he wouldn't, though he would have done a much better job.

I'll start with a little background. Ben has allergies. Always has. He's never been tested to figure out what the full spectrum of his allergies include, but I'm guessing the list is not awfully short. He is also a hypochondriac. . . when he was in 5th grade and his teacher explained to them what it meant to be a hypochondriac, his first thought. . .
"I think I have that!"

2 years ago he had a weird reaction to something and his entire eye swelled shut. To this day, he has no idea what he reacted to. He went to the doctor and got some Zyrtec, and after a day, the swelling was gone. He often gets itchy eyes from dust or dander and uses allergy eye drops to deal with it.

Fast forward to last night.

As it was Sunday evening, we were just hanging out, watching some TV and straightening up for the babysitter Monday morning. In an effort to clean up our living room, Ben picked up and tossed the Love Sac over to fluff it up and get it out of the way a little. As usual, a cloud of dust rose (please feel free to share if you have any idea what to do about the dust problem inherent in Love Sacs). A few minutes later he said his eye was "freaking out" and went to get the allergy drops. It didn't do much for him, and as the minutes ticked by, his eye started to swell. He rinsed it with water, tried more drops, took some Claritin, but nothing was helping. This is what his eye looked like, from 2 different perspectives:

Please understand that while this was happening, we were watching a show on TLC about this man:And then imagine how Mr. Hypochondriac must have been feeling.

I am happy to report that this morning the swelling has mostly subsided, and while he looks a little like he has a mild case of pink eye, he will most certainly live.

And also, I love you, Ben. Thanks for letting me entertain the blogging world with that story. You must really love me too.

Happy Anniversary!


Stefanie said...

Oh my gawd...I think I just scared my coworkers with my super loud guffaw! That is HILARIOUS. And I can't stop crying!

Dal, Hel & Bel said...

Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I was just thinking last night about visiting you guys and how different it will be to when we last saw each other!

emily said...

holy hell, Melanie.

That's...... uncomfortably funny.


megan said...

Melanie, I've gotten so far behind on your blog! I hope you don't mind me commenting on your recent posts all in this one comment!

First, Happy Anniversary! Has it really been two years? I think Ollie was about Nolan's age now when we went to your wedding. Crazy! And yes we were "enjoying" the wonderful age of teething. Eesh. It really is the worst! The sleepless nights! I bought exactly 7 teething toys after I tried the washcloth, what a waste of money. He didn't like a single one.

So Kevin and Ben have a few things in common. In addition to being allergic to everything, they are both suffering from chronic "burning feathers" as we like to refer to it. Thanks, Billy Bob. :)

We also loved ONCE. Kevin got the dvd and soundtrack for me last year for my birthday. LOVE the music. Still waiting to see batman begins so I can see dark night.

Loved your "corn on the cob" cupcakes! Darling, brilliant, and creative.

And you should totally go into cupcake business! The only drawback would be you won't be able to share your wonderful recipes with me because they'll be proprietary and confidential and top secret and all that. If you ever need some wonky or cutsie illustrations for your new company, I'd love to do that for you (and only in exchange for one of those cupcakes or two or a dozen, heh). Your photos of the cupcakes looked great--that is really so exciting!

sorry again for the long comment--perhaps I should have just emailed you...

Mrs. Webster said...

Happy anniversary! Last night we were just talking about how it was your 2 years. Woo Hoo! We're just one year behind! Crazy about the allergies. :-( What show is ben in?

Tea Marie Photography said...

Oh my goodness! I just read this and started laughing. You told me about it, but it was much funnier with the picture of the guy on the show.

You never told me it was your anniversary! LOL