Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Video

We captured more Nolan video this week. It's a little bit long for a web clip (2 minutes), but it's a good representation of several things:

#1-- He's cruising all over the place now. He spends a lot of time up against the entertainment center watching Sesame Street. (I know, he shouldn't be watching TV. . . spare me the lecture)

#2-- His goofy fake laugh that I tried forever to capture, but he stopped doing it for a while. It's back.

#3-- He's biting EVERYTHING. He has a half of one little tooth on the bottom, and he's working like crazy to help the others along. He's like a little Sunny Baudelaire. . . it's pretty funny.

#4-- My house is a huge mess during the day while I work from home. . . I had to literally corral him into the living room yesterday so he wouldn't go to the kitchen and tip over the recycling bin. . . which is why the high chair is in the living room.



Sufoot said...

It's rediculous how much he favors his dad. Holy moly, there were some definite Ben-like looks in there.

...I even think I've heard Ben do that glass-shattering high pitched squeal thing a time or two...

Stefanie said...

SO friggin cute. And where'd you get that table thingy? I've been looking for something similar.

Sorry to be so MIA lately -- I promise to get better!


emily said...

that is CRAZY!! I cannot even begin to imagine Noah moving around like that... Seriously.

What an impressive, genius kid you have there!

Melanie said...

Em, if ONLY his ability to get around like that had anything to do with his intelligence. He may still turn out to be a genius, but I think this has way more to do with a genetic tendency to walk early.

& Stef, the table is a Leapfrog activity table that Ben's sister gave us. It doesn't look like they make this particular one any more, but they have a similar one if you just search for "Leapfrog Table". He loves it. I would absolutely recommend getting one. It entertains him for minutes at a time! (and that's saying something these days)

Jules said...

He is getting so big! Thanks for posting that video. It was so fun to watch it! Love you all!

Natalie said...

Super cute, the kids and I had fun watching him. I love his little noises. Mom said he was laughing like crazy the other day at her house. He's just getting so big!