Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today's selections are 3 very independent films. I had heard good things about them (at least the first 2), so I added them to the Netflix list. If you're not a fan of decidedly independent movies, don't see any of these 3, but if you are, they are all good choices.The Savages
I was a little afraid I'd feel the same way about this one that i did about Away From Her (namely, bored). I wasn't. The acting is fabulous. The writing is pretty good. The characters were interesting enough to make me care. I wouldn't say it was my favorite movie ever, but it was good.

Everyone has raved about this. And I have really liked the music (thanks to Nick sharing it with me before i even saw it), but for some reason I hadn't seen it. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, though I'm not sure what i thought it would be. It's much more music and much less plot than I thought. . . That said, the music is awesome, so it doesn't suck to listen to it the whole time. The characters were sympathetic, and the plot doesn't take the turns you expect it to. I wish there wasn't a certain word in it so pervasively through the first 20 minutes, but it calms down after that, so it's not so bad. Totally worth seeing.

This one didn't get very good reviews. I had bumped it down my list several times before I finally had it shipped to me. I figured it would be pretty weird. But what I didn't expect. . . it's a chick movie! It's a love story. A love story between a sort of strange girl and a decidedly BIZARRE guy, but a love story none the less. And I liked it! The cinematography is a little odd. I didn't totally love all of the direction. But the acting was great, and it worked. . . Who knew?


Stefanie said...

My favorite in the 2nd movie is the Hoover 'doggie' -- I can't look at a canister vacuum the same!

Heidi said...

Funny you should mention Once--I just watched it yesterday! Or rather, I sat and watched the first 30 minutes and when I realized that nothing was happening, I just puttered around the house and listened to the music the rest of the time. :) Loved the guy's voice!

I think I'd like The Savages. I like me some LL & PSH.

Have you seen Death at a Funeral?

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

we have the exact same movie taste, I love reading your reviews