Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm of the mind that reunions are pretty much exclusively for the older generations. Most of us without grandchildren really don't care that much, and end up hanging out with the same people we would if our immediate family got together.

Saturday was crazy hot, and after 4 hours in the heat, we were pretty done. We did, however, walk away with some fun pictures. Mostly of Nolan crawling around under a tree because he was done being held.

It was as if he said to me, "MOM, that kid is walking! I want to walk too!" The other boy didn't have to hold on, so I made sure there were no skull/concrete accidents by sticking close by.

Because we can't resist an opportunity to shoot Ben's 2 favorite things together.


emily said...

so true about reunions. I've been procrastinating blogging about kine because I just can't get excited about the photo editing and telling about it. Whatevs, ya know?

Jules said...

Your pictures are always to beautiful. I'm glad you survived the crazy weekend! Good luck with the teething baby. I'll be thinking of you guys.