Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank You

I would like to say a word or two about Thank You cards. It's wedding season, and lots and lots of babies are being born, so this has been on my mind lately. . .

2 years ago I married in to a family that is incredibly good about sending thank you cards. And I mean REALLY good. They send them for everything. It's so polite and sweet that sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming.

Because if you know me, and if you have ever been gracious enough to give me a gift or let me stay at your house, or something equally cool, you'll know. . . I am AWFUL at writing thank you cards.

Let me say from the start, it's not a lack of gratitude that makes me awful at it. I am SO grateful when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for me, to send me a gift, or make dinner for me. . . I REALLY am. Maybe it's the perfectionist in me. I don't want to write a silly lame little note or just sign my name to a card that already says "thanks" on it. I have to try to be at least a LITTLE bit clever. And frankly, that takes time and thought. On top of which, I think it is one of life's cruel ironies that the times you are supposed to be writing thank you cards en masse are the busiest, craziest times of life. We did pretty well with our wedding thank you cards (mostly), but when the wee babe was born. . . let's just say I have been INCREDIBLY remiss.

So, this is all to say the following:

#1-- If I should have sent you a thank you card at some point, and I hurt your feelings because I didn't. . . I am SOOO sorry. I really was grateful, and I swear to do better.

#2-- If I have ever given you a gift or done something for you and you're feeling guilt about not sending one to me. . . this is your free lifetime pass. Let go of the guilt. My feelings are not hurt. In fact, you sort of make me feel better. . . not that I don't like thank you cards. I do. I just don't want ANYONE to feel the way I do about them.

That is all.


Rebekah said...

I feel like i could have written this post! I may have to steal this idea, or at least link back to your post (because you have this wonderful way with words). It's so hard to stay on top! Thank goodness I'm not alone in this!

Martina said...

oh, this is me too. but i tell people i'm bad and technically it's ok to *not* send one if you say thank you when you get it...that's good b/c i'm especially grateful when they're around, but i seriously never have stamps to send them or find the time to write them out!

Jess said...

me too me too! i am HORRIBLE at sendin T/Y cards. thanks for putting this out there. :)