Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Video Fun

Per Emily's request, I cut up a few pieces of video we've taken of Nolan the last few months for your viewing pleasure. Please disregard the ridiculous high pitched mommy voice. I don't know why I talk to him like that. . . but as he gets older, the talking and laughing is kind of the point, so I didn't take the sound out.

This first one is about 2 months old, but no one can resist a baby giggle:


Our little trained monkey showing us his 5 giving and clapping skills a couple of weeks ago:


And finally, a little video of him standing up in his crib playing with Daddy:



Stefanie said...

Oh my lord is he adorable!!! And that laugh is to die for -- almost better than lil Max's (I know, I am biased) :)

BTW -- great taste on the crib -- looks almost like ours!!

Mrs. Webster said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm seriously heading to the airport right now to come back...I miss that cute little guy! We are SO going to babysit him when we get back! ;-)

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I LOVE it! Nolan is so cute Melanie!

Jess said...

he is soooooo cute!!!!!!!

emily said...

yep!! That satisfied the craving. Ahhhhhh....

I'm with Stef on that giggle-- Might be the best one I've heard out of our Nov. babies.

Okay... my turn. I'll post some of Noah tonight.

Jenny Webster said...

ok, now I'm really homesick for Utah! He has gotten so big and cute and oh..we miss you guys! Tanner was just talking about Nolan tonight and wanted to know if we could go to your house for dinner cause we "haven't in a long time" that wasn't fun to explain...again! ; )