Monday, July 28, 2008


Nolan has been teething. . . STILL. I can't figure out why it's taking such a ridiculous long time, but we still just have that one stupid tooth poking half way up and an occasionally VERY unhappy baby. He's a mess. One of the things that us new mommies hear is that teething babes sometimes dig a frozen baby washcloth to gnaw on in their time of need. Nolan has never really taken to that idea much. . . until last night.

He whacked his head on the corner of the coffee table, so Ben took one of the frozen washcloths out of the freezer to put on the bump. He wanted nothing to do with it on his head, but he did start chewing on it. . . and dragging it around the room with him. It was so funny, I had to capture it. He was chewing on it so fiercely!

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