Friday, January 02, 2009

Bath Time Again

We decided it was time to get a spout cover for the bathtub for the sake of Nolan's little noggin. We have loved Boon stuff for other things, and we thought this was the least hideous of the spout covers out there. And it goes on and off really easily.

He really really wasn't sure what he thought the first time around. It makes a pretty sweet waterfall, but it was not normal to him:

And my first try at giving him a mohawk in the bath. . . yeah, the kid really has very little hair. . . this is just pitiful:
I take solace in knowing that it took me forever to get hair when I was a baby as well, and I more than made up for it.

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Anna said...

This is a bit out of order as I have read on, but just wanted to comment that Mel--you are a posting machine! Wow!
Love the pics and stories.