Monday, January 26, 2009

Sundance, Day 2 (2009)

Rudo Y Cursi
I wanted to like this movie more than I did. . . In theory, it was a good idea. 2 guys who work on a banana plantation in Mexico are discovered playing a back lot game of soccer and make the big time. A Cinderella story, of sorts, right? But this is a long and rambling story, that pretty much makes you want to smack both of the main characters across their faces. And if you can't like the protagonists, then what's the point? The message of the movie had to do with a person's passion being in one place, while his talent was in another. . . and it was an interesting message. . . I just didn't like the execution of it. I'd have to give this one a whole hearted "Meh".

Five Minutes of Heaven
I have to admit to going in to this movie a little bit hesitantly. As a rule, I find IRA movies (or movies about any particular group of revolutionaries) to be particularly hard to watch. Generally, these movies are less about the characters, and more about the cause. And though this movie had Liam Neeson headlining, I was pretty sure that's what we were in for again. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was a VERY character driven piece. It was also painfully slow and suspenseful in places. . . more than it needed to be. . . and definitely had some script issues (which is interesting, because it won the World Cinema Screenwriting Award as well as the World Cinema Directing Award). . . . but I liked it very much. As Melissa pointed out, it was amazing if JUST for the one shot of the 2 guys going out the window. . .

I would have liked it more in another theater (the Tower is not known for it's comfortable seating), and without a migraine. . . but you take what you can get. . .

(Oh, and we took pictures of ourselves. . . sort of. . . at the first movie. . . but they were just NOT good. So I'm saving us AND YOU from seeing them. You're welcome)

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