Monday, January 26, 2009

Sundance, Day 3 (2009)

This was Ben's first Sundance experience. . . and while I still think it's not really his bag (nor would it be anyone's who doesn't like to roll the dice on the kind of movie they're going to be seeing on a given night), I don't think he hated it. . . and that's better than I was hoping for, frankly.

On a side note, get the tamales at the Broadway the next time you're there! They are really tasty, for movie food. And we want them to keep stocking them.

Against The Current
A film about a man swimming down a river. . . It suffered a great deal from writer/director syndrome. There was a lot about it that could have been left on shore, as it were. But, at the same time, it was nice to see a film whose characters had a sense of humor. A film that didn't take itself so very seriously. That's a novelty at Sundance, and a lot of the movie's issues were made up for by this fact, I think. It's a sad movie. . . a movie about loss. . . But it was also interesting enough to keep my attention and not bore me too much. . . and as movie #3 in 2 days, that's saying something.

This was a much slicker film than the others we saw. . . obviously one that had more money behind it for effects and sets and such. . . I have to preface by saying that I'm not usually much of a Sam Rockwell fan. He kind of bugs me. Probably because he tends to play characters that are weird or creepy and don't have a lot to relate to or redeem them. . . This character(s) is different. And I think you'll like it. I won't give away the twists, but if you like 2001, and don't mind a little sci-fi. . . try this out (though be warned there is some language). I'm fairly certain you'll see it either in a theater, or at least in Netflix, in the nearish future.

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