Friday, January 23, 2009

Caramel/Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

I've been going on and on and ON about caramel chocolate covered pretzels. . . I know. . .I apologize to everyone who pays any attention to me on Facebook or Twitter or ELW or worst of all, in REAL LIFE (or all of the above)

But last night, we finally finished the experiment.

And I have to say, it was a huge success, on the taste front.

They could definitely be prettier. And next time (yes, there is MUCH caramel left and PLENTY of pretzels) they will be. . . but for a first try? I'm pretty happy.

Hearts! I was so convinced the knots would look like hearts when they were filled with caramel and dipped, and they DID! they were tricky to dip, though. the caramel kept sticking to the fork. I ended up using my fingers and got very very messy. I needed some kind of chocolate dipping tweezer/tong tool. I'm going to have to find some for next time.

The pretzel rods were much easier to dip. We took a cue from a Christmas gift we got and wrapped the caramel in a spiral pattern around the rod and then dipped it. I love the look it gave them.


Samantha said...

Those look great!

Kalli Ko said...

yes please!

melray1134 said...

Oh eff word! I almost grabbed one from your bag in the last movie but thought it would be rude. Now I'm sad I forgot! I said I wouldn't forget! Grrr, so mad at me I am.

Sandra said...

They look amazing!

Oliver and Megan said...

just another suggestion--add walnuts. In Nauvoo, there's a fudge factory and they sell covered pretzels and i would always get a turtle pretzel rod. Caramel, and walnuts dipped in chocolate. it's awesome. They look delicious!

*jess* said...

ummm, YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!