Friday, January 09, 2009

Yesterday, I Enjoyed Being a Mom

*Wearing Auntie Em's glasses at church 2 weeks ago*

Yesterday was, by all accounts, an accident waiting to happen. I had a VERY long list of things to do, all of which had the potential to go very wrong. My list included working from home, with a 14 month old at my feet, finishing the house cleaning to get ready for a 4:00 appraisal, buy Sundance tickets at 2:00 (which is historically a PAIN), and sometime after 3:00, our new bedroom furniture would be delivered.

On a normal day of working from home, I'm lucky if I get the dishwasher emptied.

Nolan has been particularly whiny, clingy, and generally needy lately. This is especially true when I am trying desperately to be productive with work projects while he is awake and running around the living room. His toy pile is the equivalent size of a Toys R Us, but he isn't interested in any of those things. His preferences tend toward opening DVD cases and spinning the discs, finding and using the remotes to switch away from his current TV show, and banging kitchen cabinets with child locks on them. All this between bouts of hanging from my legs and whining while signing "Please" over and over again. But even he isn't sure what he wants. When picked up, he enjoys slamming his hands down on my keyboard or closing my laptop. Think he's pleased that mommy is working? Not so much. Not that he pays me any heed when I get down on the floor to play. If I try to actually play with him, it lasts about 30 seconds and then he walks away and proceeds to ignore me until he wants something again. Nap time is a fight every time, and when he DOES go to sleep, it doesn't last very long.

He's a typical 1 year old. I know this. But it doesn't make our days at home a lot easier on me, to be honest. Not that it's really about me.

I went into yesterday fully expecting that it would be a normal day, full of frustrations and my constant need to take deep breaths, calm my voice, and lead him gently to new activities. But he surprised me.

I don't know if the good Lord just KNEW I needed a low key day and did what he could to mellow my child for me or what, but we had a great time!! Nolan sat happily in his high chair and ate breakfast and graham crackers while he watched Curious George. I worked and made my necessary phone calls. Nolan played happily with his toys and fridge magnets without whining to be picked up. I emptied the dishwasher and straightened up downstairs. Nolan started rubbing his eyes and headed for the stairs. I asked if he was sleepy, he said "Yesh". He went down quickly and easily for a long morning nap. I got more work done, and cleaned the bedroom and office. He woke up happy and played in my room, wearing his favorite hat, while I vacuumed. He never once ran for the bathroom to drop something in the toilet. In fact, he never left the room. We met Ben for lunch. Nolan ate his chicken nuggets happily while we finished our meal. He played happily in front of Sesame Street while I got more work done and bought Sundance tickets. . . quickly, easily, and without the usual frustrations of their web site. Then he was ready for another nap. That lasted ANOTHER hour and a half. The appraisal was done, work was finished, and games of peek a boo and tickle fight were played. There was very little whining. Just a happy mom & her baby enjoying the day together.

I hate very much to admit how shocked I was to have a day like this. They are just few and far between right now. I would love to think that it's the start of something great. . . but I know that most people dread the 2s and 3s. . . so I won't get excited just yet.

But yesterday. . . Yesterday I had fun. Yesterday I didn't want to give him away.

(Until bedtime. . . but that's another story)


Furrow said...

Thank heavens for the good days. Zo is just like this most of the time (the clingy, whiny, unsatisfied part), and she's exactly the same age. Honestly, it helps to hear that she's not the only one. My friend who is on her third toddler said that she thinks this is the hardest age, between 1 and 2.

Tea Marie Photography said...

haha I'm glad he was so happy yesterday! :) Today went pretty good. He's been waking up a LOT during his naps and I just go in and lie him back down and wrap him up and he goes back down for another 20 minutes. We do this several times during his nap. I don't understand it.

emily said...

"yesh"???? Come ON! That is AWESOME!! And so great that he gave you a much-needed break. I am thrilled!!

(the word verification today? "repeed"... which Noah just did. LOL!)

emily said...

oh, and PS> LOVE the photo. LOVE LOVE it. What a hoot!

(word verification NOW? "reaks"... Which he does. Is Blogger trying to tell me something?)

Megan said...

What a great day! So glad that you had it - those days are saviors!