Monday, January 19, 2009

Sundance, Day 1 (2009)

To say this movie was depressing is. . . just not doing it justice. It's ABOUT depression. It's a peek inside the life of a woman with severe and suicidal depression. A woman like you. A woman like me. Happy. Settled. Successful. A wife and mother. And then everything falls apart. Out of the blue. And it is awful. It's awful to WATCH, I can't imagine what it would feel like to be IN it.

Ashley Judd STUNNED me. She is incredible. The rest of the cast is also great. THe subject matter is heavy and intense, but it's also amazing. What a way to begin. . .

Me, Nick & Cortney at the Rose Wagner (via awful iphone photo)

4 more to go this coming weekend!

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Nick said...

okay we've seen the photo. how about we remove that tradition and take a better one with a nikon? :)