Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Vacation messes with my routine.

I hate to admit that I need certain things to be the same. I am like a small child in that way. I could never be one of those wome
n with 6 different purses that I switch between depending on my outfit. I would lose things. I would lock myself out of my car, my house, my office. I am fully content in the routine of my life. I know precisely which pocket of my purse contains my favorite lip gloss, my keys, my badge for work. I know where I can find my cell phone and that my drivers license is where it ALWAYS is.

Going on vacation means changing the routine.

In an attempt to get around all the new rules involved with boarding an airplane, and in an attempt to not carry such a heavy bag on vacation, I overturned my purse onto our bed before we left. I removed everything that didn't seem totally essential for the trip. Also, I removed everything that resembled, liquid, gel, or aeorsol and put it in my duffel that I checked. Lip gloss, listerine breath spray, my inhaler. Beyond that, I also moved my drivers license to the top pocket of my backpack for easy access and then stuffed my purse down inside. Also, my cell phone charger was tucked in a pocket somewhere, meaning it wasn't plugged in next to my bed last night.

What does that mean?

This morning when I left the house, I had to run back for my badge, had a half charged cell phone (because I hadn't pulled the charger out last night and now the phone is full on dead), no drivers license (I didn't notice this until lunch time), and no lip gloss.

Vacations ruin my routine and make me grumpy when I get back. . . But I'll still go again.

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