Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stupid Heber!

I am so annoyed I could spit! (ok, that's not totally accurate because I think spitting is nasty, but you get the idea) Remember that speeding ticket I mentioned in passing during my Sundance revue? I just called to find out how much it was and how to pay it.


For going 9 MPH over the speed limit!
OK, technically I was going 19 over, but the ticket says 9 over.

What a crock! Not only did I get sucked in by what was CLEARLY a speed trap, they are charging me a ridiculous amount of money for it.
I guess they win. I have contributed a HUGE chunk of money to their stupid county, and I will NEVER speed through there again. IF I ever drive through there again. I'm half tempted to go the long way around just to avoid having to buy gas or food or anything that will contribute to the economy of Heber ever again.

(Sorry Tanners. I love you, just not your city)

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