Friday, February 23, 2007

There Are Spoilers In This Post

OK, so, I have been considering the shows I watch on TV lately and I have noticed a huge presence of death in almost all of them. I'm wondering if that says something about me, or if it says something about television. Probably both. It's probably about what I choose to watch on television.

I realized after the post about Meredith that I am constantly reading about where a particular series is going and they talk about killing off a main character in an upcoming episode. The 2 big ones, LOST and Heroes. But now Grey's Anatomy is a big part of the game too. . . Sure, Meredith made it, but her mother died. . . and she was a pretty big character in the show. And LOST has killed of tons of series regulars. . . same with Heroes, and I know Grey's is a medical drama, so it's inevitable, but still. . .

Really, the only p
lace to escape the death is in sitcoms. . . but even Ugly Betty, the only show close to a real sitcom I watch, has a story line relating to death with Alex and Faye. . . I'm just saying. . . maybe TV is a little heavy on the death thing these days. That's all.

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