Friday, March 23, 2007

5 Reasons Why Today is a Better Work Day Than Yesterday

#1-- No more foul odor.

#2-- I don't feel like I may cough up one of my lungs at any moment. Only occasionally.

#3-- It's pay day Friday.

#4-- Bagels, courtesy of Westwind Litho and Einstien Brothers. Tasty.

#5-- No Headphones Friday! My boss Matt has started a tradition, every other Friday, of staging no headphones Fridays. He acts as DJ and takes requests from anyone who chooses to send one, and plays his speakers for all to hear. It's amazing the different atmosphere it adds to our rows of cubicles. Normally, everyone has headphones on and we fall into a depressing tendency to IM each other rather than talk. It's pretty stupid, because we all like each other, but it's just easy not to remove your headphones and walk to someone's desk. . . Not on No Headphones Friday. It's a brilliant tradition.

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