Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How It's Made

I have found my new favorite TV show.

Am I alone in having loved the part of Mr. Rogers where he went to factories to show how things were made? The one Mr. Rogers episode I remember with perfect clarity was the one where he showed how crayons were made. It went through the process step by step, from melting the wax, to coloring it, to shaping it, to wrapping and packaging the final product. It was fascinating to me.

Today, I found the closest equivilant to this that I've ever come across.

How It's Made. It's on the Discovery Channel, and so far today I've learned about how candles, personal water craft, wine, press board furniture, and ice skates are made. It's amazing!

If you thought the Discovery Channel was cool before, what with Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters, this is just one more great thing about this channel. They don't waste time teasing you with what's coming up next. They just tell it like it is. It's fast paced and interesting.

Watch it! Set your TiVo! You won't regret it.

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Jules said...

I remember the crayon Mr. Rogers episode too!! I loved that. It was so cool. :)