Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday, Thursday, was a very odd day at work.

When we arrived there was a nasty smell, similar to burning rubber, or asphalt, or something equally noxious, wafting heavily up the stairwell. It was pretty light once you made it inside the office door, but as the morning wore on, it grew worse and worse.

Our little department (Creative Strategy) had a meeting with our CMO and our VP of marketing, so we left, running as quickly down the stairwell as we could and trying not to breathe as we went. When we returned, the smell was worse. It was overwhelming. Choking. Half of the marketing department had already left, for fear of poison (though we were assured it wasn't toxic) and without the ability to breathe properly.
We quickly followed their lead. Only 4 or 5 brave souls remained. & I'm not even sure why they did.

I'm still not sure what the smell was, but I'm sure glad it's gone today.

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