Friday, March 02, 2007

I Will Only Eat Fake Mashed Potatoes That Come From KFC

I have a great fondness for mashed potatoes. Always have. But I'm also pretty picky. They have to be the real thing. None of those instant, from a box, kind. YUCK. I like the texture of real potatoes. I like 'em smooth, but not too smooth. I like a lump here and there to remind me they are real. I banned the fake kind from my diet a long time ago, a time that curiously corresponded with my time living in Deseret Towers at BYU. I just couldn't handle the fake cafeteria potatoes.

The only exception to this rule has always been KFC. In combination with the gravy and the chicken and the biscuits, I could somehow ignore the fact that there weren't really potatoes in there at all, just some sort of mix. . . I would eat them, but they weren't my most favorite part of the meal.

That is, until the mashed potato bowl came to be. . .

If you have never had this monster of a meal in a bowl, may I please suggest that you try it? It goes like this: a bowl of mashed potatoes topped with popcorn chicken, corn, gravy and cheese. That's all there is to it, and it is SO good. It's always a little too hot. I always burn my tongue a little trying to eat it. But I love love love it. . . And not just because I have been craving mashed potatoes lately. I loved it before that.

But don't eat too many. They are very very bad for you. I try to limit myself to one a month, for the sake of the waist line, but they are totally worth it.

Even if they are fake.

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