Thursday, March 29, 2007

Car Problems

I am a Subaru loyalist. I have been for years. I love the all wheel drive when the weather is nasty. I am really uncomfortable with snow driving, so the extra help is very nice. I have had 2 Subarus in the last 10 years. I had a 1997 legacy which I traded in for a 2002 model 5 years ago.

The reason I traded the first one in was because of an overheating problem at about 85,000/90,000 miles. We ended up having to replace the radiator on that one. I figured it was just a fluke because we were told a mchanic had left the fans unplugged and that's why it had overheated. I believed that until 3 days ago.

Coming back from lunch on Monday, out of the blue, my car overheated. By the time I reached the XanGo parking lot, it was steaming. I let it cool down and then drove it to Maverick, poured in some coolant and then started a ridiculous trip to Jiffy Lube, followed by the Subaru dealership, to try to solve the problem.

Apparently my radiator was totally plugged up and needed a major cleaning job. Luckily, the head gaskets were still OK, but now that they have done $400 worth of work on it, they still say to watch it because the head gaskets could still blow.

I hate that story.

AND one of the brake calipers I had replaced a year ago was leaking as well. What that meant was, I have spent most of the day waiting for Big O to replace that caliper so my brakes wouldn't go out while driving.

Sometimes, car ownership blows. And I'm starting to question my loyalty to the Subaru brand.

That is all.

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The Car Geek said...

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