Wednesday, May 02, 2007


YES, we've been back for 3 days.

YES, I took a couple of pictures, though woefully few considering the opportunities I missed. I'll have to beg Robb for his shots :)

& NO, I have not managed to remember to bring my car reader to work to download said pictures. Once upon a time I left my camera at a party and my cable disappeared. Now I have to remember the card reader.

BUT, I will tell you all about the wedding. I'm going to do it in the form of lists, though, just for fun.

3 things we learned:
1- There is way too much pavement there. There are several options every single time you try to go anywhere, like onto the freeway. . .
2- Google maps is useless. They told us to go 3 exits too far, and then back track through a neighborhood to get to the temple, when we could have just gotten off earlier and been right there. Luckily Mormons are, by nature, late, so they planned ahead for lateness and we still made it.
3- Flying with "morning sickness" is UN FUN.

People we saw that we have always loved and don't see NEARLY often enough:
1- Susan pants the beautiful gorgeous bride and her awesome new hubby Andrew.
2- Robb and Michelle Gibbs, who hung out with us all day and introduced us to Pappasitos Mexican food.
3- Jeremy and Cindy Selim, who are some of our favorites from the BYU days. Cindy is pregnant with baby #3! How crazy is that?
4- Shane and Alexa Ballis (sp?). . . I didn't even realize we missed them, OR that they lived in TX, until we got there, but we had so much fun with them. They have 3 darling kids, the youngest of which, Lucy, I wanted to bring straight home with us. AND, they introduced us to Connies Frozen Custard. YUM.
5- Bonnie & Jason Stevens. We do see them in Utah occasionally, but we got to have delicious crepes for brunch in their darling house, and it was the perfect Sunday morning.

Hooray for fabulous trips to play with fabulous friends. Even if it was a short trip, it was awesome. And totally worth it.

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