Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Have you ever involved yourself in something you thought was going to be great, only to find out, when it really was too late, that it was a much bigger thing than you anticipated?

Anyone who knows me knows that I do this on a fairly regular basis, on one level or another. (as one of my friends reminded me this morning) It generally involves craft projects, new recipes, or quilts. . . Sometimes they are projects on a larger scale.

Unfortunately, I'm deep in the middle of one of these situations right now, and I am SO regretting the decision I made to be involved in the first place. The following thoughts swirled around in my head last night as I stayed awake in a highly aggitated state for most of the night:


"No amount of money is worth what this is doing to me. . ."

"Is there any way out now?"

"WHY is this so hard?!"

"am I really THIS bad at this?"

etc. . .

Mostly, I've learned that there are certain, already stressful, projects you (or at least I) should never take on whilst pregnant. Never Ever EVER again.

Someone better hold me to that. . . in case pregnancy amnesia applies to this too.

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Anonymous said...

I am 8 weeks. Pregnancy is horrible - shooting pain in my breasts and across my uterus. I never threw up yet, but felt like I would every time I ate. Waking up early every morning to pee - I'm not a morning person. I'm not one for drinking a lot of fluids, but as soon as I became pregnant there is a constant need to drink all the time. Then my hormomes went haywire and I feel like sex all the time. Well, my husband only wants it once a week. Talk about fighting! I tried to tell him it was hormones, but he seems to think it's because I'm pregnant and thinks we won't have sex anymore. Well, duh! Once you have kids, if you are always tired and only want sex once a week now, how is having kids going to keep it the same? I'll for sure never get any! I won't be having anymore pregnancies that is for sure.