Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Little Glimpse Inside

Last night's rehearsal was surprisingly productive and almost relaxing. . . This close to a show going up (8 days to go!) It always gets a little scary & tense. We had a big group talk before we started last night, and heartfelt prayer, and things ran surprisingly smoothly.

These are a few of the moments before it got too dark for my little camera to manage to capture anything clearly:

The opening number. They are powerful singers and this number is an awesome way to kick it all off.

Ben had class last night, so Dave was standing in for him in this scene. Almost all of this set went up in just one day. . . and you can't even see it all in this photo. I was amazed.

Juan and Shannon "on the way to America".

Fingers crossed for a few more nights exactly like last night. . . If we have those, we just might make it.

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