Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maternity Clothing

I bought 2 pair of maternity pants, jeans and khackis, months ago, when a few things were still fitting, but the elastic waist just felt SO much better. . .

I basically alternate these 2 pair of pants and the white skirt I bought for Susan's wedding throughout the week. I h
ave 2 or 3 shirts I can wear with said pants/skirt that don't cling to my ever growing belly and make people say "wow! You ARE pregnant". I need more clothes. But I don't want to spend a fortune on them either.

Also, walking into Motherhood gives me hives. I'm not sure why. . . probably because the time I tried I was with Ben and we had already been at the mall for a while. He was being very patient, but I was sure he was ready to be done, so I didn't feel like picking through the mounds of stuff with him in tow.
I'm really not good at that, in general, picking through stuff to find clothes. I shop at places like the gap because they hang all of the same skirt on the same rack. All of the same pants are piled together. Once you find your pile, you only have to dig for your size. It's all laid out in front of you so you don't have to sift. . . I'm awful at the sifting.

As far as I can tell, maternity clothes shopping is all about sifting. . .

What's a girl to do?

WHY can't Anne Taylor make maternity clothes? WHY?! And how do you feel about online maternity shopping?

Anyone with experience that could shed some light on this would be much appreciated.


Heidi said...

I hated maternity clothes. ick. But I will say that even though my kid is only 2, the clothes are cuter now than just 3 years ago! Target has cuter stuff, but around your part of the world I can imagine that you'd see a whole lotta ladies walking around in the same clothes. Have you tried Mimi Maternity up at Gateway? They're the sister company to Motherhood but a but more upscale (and more expensive!) My mom took me there and bought me a few cute pieces.

Since you'll be pregnant over the summer, if I were you I'd do lots of skirts and dresses I think. I had the hardest time finding pants that didn't fall down! Didn't matter what belly style or where I bought them, they all headed southward within a half hour of putting them on. I spent most of my pregnancy hitching up my pants. LOL

One thing that I will do differently next time is buy more clothes. I didn't want to buy a ton of maternity clothes but as a result, I wore the same stuff over and over and by the time I was 8 months I hated every single thing I had to wear. It's bad enough being huge and uncomfortable without hating everything you own. I think the styles out there this summer really lend themselves well to looking good on pregnant ladies--empire waists, longer tunic-style tops, long flowy cotton skirts. Good luck!

Jen said...

Anne Taylor, Loft anyway, is making maternity clothes! Not sure why I know that and you didn't...

carina said...
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