Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Conference Weekend

To me, conference weekend is a fabulous excuse to stay in my pajamas for 2 straight days. This is especially crucial to me in my 9 months pregnant state. Unfortunately, I ended up getting dressed both days. . . but it was still a good weekend.

Here are a few pictures as evidence:

Ben and I played with Aubrey in the kitchen
during the last session.
Ben was eating fritos and it turns out Aubrey really has a taste for salt.
She also has teeth.

All the cousins together.
Not focusing on one central point, but who expected that?

Batman paid us a visit
(this is Tanner's Halloween costume. . . this week)

Mom & Baby

Ethan's birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated a bit early.
I can't believe he's 6!!

(but more on that tomorrow)

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