Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I can't tell you how amazing it is to have a bunch of people gather to celebrate the little baby growing in your belly. It has been so much fun to get together with friends, old and new, and talk babies without feeling remotely odd about it.

In the past week 3 different groups of friends have celebrated with us. Last Saturday Korianne hosted a shower at her house with Vanessa & Lisa helping. It was a big gathering of wonderful theatre friends that was so much fun.

Monday night we went to a pot luck with Ben's work peoples. . . all of the Hall Advisors from Heritage Halls, and since there were 3 babies to celebrate in that group, they surprised us all with wonderful little gift baskets and some traditional baby shower games.

And last night, as a wonderful antidote to the funk I was in after our doctor's appointment, the ladies from Nu Skin (specifically Mary, Maureen, & Megan) hosted a get together at the Pizza Factory. I was shocked at how many of those great ladies showed up to play. Ben even joined us for that one. It was such a great evening.

Needless to say, this baby will be one spoiled child from the very beginning. Everyone has been so sweet and so generous.

Now there's just the waiting game. . .

But luckily, I'm working from home the rest of the week while everyone else is at convention, so I'm a little more comfortable in my waiting.


megan said...

Yay, I'm so glad everyone was able to come together on Wednesday, it turned out pretty great, didn't it? It works out well to have three people working on a shower, eh? Heh. Teamwork.

Hope your feeling great today!

janelle said...

i so sad i couldn't be there! but glad that it was fun. it would have been oh so nice to see you and all the other fun ladies from nu skin.