Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For once I actually followed through and finished something i said I was going to do. . . I was dead set on getting the letters on the wall of the nursery tonight, and I actually managed to do it!

The big trend in nurseries these days (based on my extensive internet research) is to put a kid's name on the wall. This is generally done with wooden letters, and often the letters are suspended by ribbon or something like unto it. Personally I think the ribbon thing is a little bit girly, and I planned to go a totally different direction with the letters. I found an idea I loved on Martha Stewart's website that involved canvases and mixed media, but the truth is, I ran out of the necessary creative juices to make that happen. Instead, we found a set of wooden letters at Roberts that Ben approved of and decided to paint those instead. . .

This first shot is before I put the mobile back up.

The white shelves were a fantastic find at Pottery Barn kids. They were 60% off of their original price, so we got two for each side of the window. I haven't totally decided what will live on them permanently yet, so for now they are the home of various stuffed creatures.

This shot is after the mobile is up. I am a little bit frustrated that it blocks the letters. . . but I decided I didn't care enough to change the whole room around. We are framing some really cool prints from an Ellen Raskin book to put on the opposite wall, so the letters needed to go above the crib.

More pictures will follow when the other side of the room is organized and I have cleaned up all of the random junk that's all over the floor. . .

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janelle said...

nolan is so lucky to have such fashion savvy parents and such a stylish room! i love it melanie!