Monday, October 29, 2007


We had a doctor's appointment this morning. . . Still nothing. If I don't go into labor in the mean time, we'll now wait to go in for a non-stress test on Thursday, and if that goes OK (the baby is still doing well), he'll induce starting Sunday night.

We had a rather dramatic weekend, but not for our sake. That's a post for another day. . . Let's just say it passed the time really well. And now I'm hoping for this week not to drag on forever. Send good vibes if you've got them to spare. The only way I'll be unpregnant in the next week is if the baby decides to come on his own.


Heidi said...

I'm sending the vibes for a quick, safe, and SOON labor & delivery!

I will tell you, I was induced and it was so surreal to go to bed the night before thinking, "Tomorrow I'm going to have a baby". Bizarre! I hardly slept that night but the next morning I almost wanted to make a To Do list for the day like I always do. To Do today, March 24: Go to Hospital. Have a Baby. :) LOL Oh, I amuse myself.

Those vampire cupcakes you posted the link to are AWESOME! I am so going to use that next year. I liked her tip about using the cherry pie filling. They looked so cool!

My mom was telling me that her book club is doing a discussion on those popular vampire books by that Stephanie whatshername--wouldn't those be a funny treat to serve?

Melanie said...

That's a brilliant idea! Everyone in Utah is reading those books. I need to start them myself. . . I've heard good things about them.