Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pushing Daisies

Everyone said this was the one show you HAD to watch this fall on TV. . .

They were right. It's great. The art direction is great, the writing is great, the acting is great.

This may be my new favorite show.

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Jer_S said...

It was pretty good, wasn't it? It's so Burtonesque. But not over-overdone.

I have to say, though, not reviewed but awesome, was Carpoolers. If you have TIvo or whatnot, I highly recommend seeing it. It maybe the perfect man show. Not like "The Man Show", but a movie purely about men and men's problems. I won't attempt to hijack your blog with a long description and whatnot, but I'll just say it was so funny that I decided I had to record it for Cyndie to see later. HilArious. There are men in various stages of henpeckedness and an over-30 son who is still living at home...yeah.