Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Fun

I love the end of the year as it offers SO many opportunities to have friends and family over for some serious craftiness. I have no idea why this brings me so much joy, but it does. Always has. I love to watch everyone carve their pumpkins and see all of the crazy things they come up with. This year, so as not to support the Great Satan (as Ben calls Walmart) and because it seemed like more fun, we went to a little pumpkin patch down the road to pick out our squashes. SO much more fun pulling them right off the vine. & there was a great little spot to take Tanner's picture too.

Seriously, HOW cute is this kid? SOOOO cute.

There were many different shapes and sizes. Nick went for his traditional word carving. This year opting for "Woot". Far less offensive to have on the porch than last year's "Shove It" Vanessa attempted, and succeeded at, carving a TINY little pumpkin. It looks a little angry, and it wouldn't light with it's top on, but you have to be impressed that she did it.

Ben decided to help perfect Kevin's pumpkin after the Goertzens left, by giving it various head wounds. I don't think it's what Kevin had in mind, but it was very entertaining for Ben. I was feeling Martha Stewarty and decided to do 2 small pumpkins and a squash with a drill. It may have been the most fun I've ever had carving a pumpkin. SO easy. & I really like the final look on the porch. That's Ben's Jack (From The Nightmare Before Christmas) in the back there. &, of course, Nick's WOOT pumpkin.

Jer & Emily made a team effort for their pumpkin. Jeremy carved & Emily painted. I think eyebrows were really the crowning touch.

And, to add to the insanity, we also made carmel apples. It was a very full kitchen. We tried this 2 years ago, and had no idea what we were doing. The carmel that time ended up turning hard as a rock and all of the apples were completely inedible. We did much better this time, thanks to Jenny. She went to a class and got educated on the process, so it turned out much better this time.

Kevin made the world's craziest carmel apple. I think he added every kind of chocolate and topping over the top of the carmel. It put me into sugar shock just looking at it.

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