Thursday, October 05, 2006

Scattered thoughts for a random Thursday

First of all, for those of you in Utah, I have a confession to make.

It's my fault it's raining.

I washed Lilith on Tuesday. I knew better, but I let vanity get the best of me. She was REALLY dirty and I had just cleaned her insides, so I wanted her outsides to match. They did. For about 12 hours.

Second, LOST!!! HOLY CRAP!! I cannot believe how many questions that first episode brought up! I am constantly floored at how efficiently new characters and storylines are introduced and how carefully all of the pieces are put together. I wonder if JJ sat down before he started and made some sort of giant chart like the one the Agent Vaughn showed Sydney on Alias the first season. . . hundreds of people. . . all connected. It's insanity. & I love it. Brilliant first episode. The Nine was also surprisingly good. I think I'll keep watching it. I was pretty confused as to how they'd keep the dumb standoff going for a whole season, and what would happen next season. SURPRISE! The standoff ended about 10 minutes in . This is about the people AFTER the bank robbery. The acting is good. There are a lot of non-stars in it, and it's well written. I'll keep watching.

And Thirdly, I have discovered something DIVINE. If you know me at all you'll know that placed in a candy aisle, I will pick Skittles, Starbursts, Laffy Taffy, anything fruity over something chocolate. I know it's an afront to all things estrogen, but I just don't crave chocolate. I blame this, largely, on the waxy crap that we, as Americans, pass off as chocolate, when, in fact, it's flavored parafin. When I DO eat chocolate, I really enjoy a good white chocolate. When Dallas & I used to spend a great deal of time at the Broadway movie theater, we would get the Lindor white chocolate truffel balls they sold at their concessions counter. I love them. But sometimes, that much white chocolate can be a bit much. You know what they say. . . variety is the spice of life. SO, imagine my delight when I was walking through Target they other day, and happened upon a Halloween miracle. This month only, Lindt is making a Lindor Truffel called a "ghost". It's that same wonderful soft smooth white chocolate in the middle, but the shell is milk chocolate! YUMMY!

Of course, Pickle ruined it for me by pointing out how bad they are for me, so I've limited myself to one a day. But that's probably better anyway.

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