Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Gettin' Healthy

I have been doing REALLY badly with making healthy choices for myself lately. . . make that for a long time. Long enough to have gained back all of the weight I lost in the mystery weight loss of 2002. Truthfully, there wasn't much mystery in it. I was going to the gym for an hour a day and eating every 2 hours like my doctor told me to. Of COURSE I dropped 30 lbs. Since then, all of my Coke drinking, fast food eating, lack of water and exercise have caught up with me. Big time.

SO, I am making a pact with myself.


1) I will wean myself off of my Coke habit, starting with a promise to drink a total of 16 oz or less a day.

2) I will drink 2-3 liters of water a day as well. Most of it at work, where I actually remember to drink water, and where it won't get me up three times a night because I drank it too late.

3) I will limit my fast food intake to once a week. Period. I will bring my lunch to work instead. I can probably eliminate 500 calories a day just by eating real food instead of fast food.

4) I will eat something every 2 hours. I will bring my bags of almonds and carrot sticks to stash in my desk. I will keep an apple in the drawer. I will set an alarm on my Outlook to remind me to snack.

5) I will eat breakfast. Be it a granola bar (I am in love with the Kashi peanut butter granola bars at the moment) or yogurt. I will start my metabolism early in the day.

6) I will exercise. I have a million options. I have a gym in our clubhouse with treadmills and a pool. I have a full fledged gym here at XanGo at my disposal. & until it gets REALLY cold, I have a great paved path through the neighborhood that I can run on. No more excuses. 3 times a week to start. Seriously, how hard is that? I have nothing to do.

And, when I'm done, I better fit into my skinny clothes again. Or I will cry.

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