Friday, October 06, 2006


The debate of the day. . . Are weekends better when you have lots of fun (and maybe not so fun) things to pack in or when you have absolutely NOTHING planned? Either way, it's not work, so we have to be grateful for that. But which leaves you feeling more fulfilled when you have to start all over again on Monday?

This weekend we have a million things going on. Tonight begins with an activity at Heritage Halls, followed by a cake making endeavor that involves the Little Einsteins.

Tomorrow morning Ben will go to his acting workshop while I try to clean out the office. In the afternoon my parents are bringing our desk back down from Syracuse. It's been living in my parent's garage for about 3 months. It was really beat up and needed to be refinished. We got it all stripped and sanded before the wedding, but never got around to staining it. Until last weekend. Now it's done & finally ready to move in (I'll have to post a picture as soon aas I take one), so it's coming down in my dad's truck tomorrow, and then has to make the treacherous trip up the steep staircase to the office. In truth, I'm fearing for the walls in the hall. But Ben is positive it will fit, and I trust him, so I'm just going to close my eyes & pray. Following the desk moving (our current desk is going to live with Nathan & Jenny) we are having a birthday party. Ethan is turning 5. I'm having a tough time wrapping my brain around that one. . . There will be dinner, and most likely some time at the playground, and some cake, which will hopefully resemble, in small part, the Little Einsteins.

Sunday will begin with church, and then an evening with Ben's MPA group "Simon Says". If you want to know why they're called that, you'll have to ask him to explain, but let's just say it relates to a certain movie my family knows and loves. . . Simon Birch. We're all getting together for a little "meet the families" dinner to size each other up and scope out the people our spouses are spending so much of their lives with. It should be fun. The 6 of them spent a few hours in my living room last night, and there was MUCH laughter floating up through my bedroom floor.

By the time we go to sleep on Sunday night, I doubt we'll feel very rested, but we won't have been at work for 2 days either, so I guess it's like rest. . .

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