Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Wednesday, but it's LIKE Friday. . .

I'm feeling a little scattered right now, and this blog will probably reflect that, but I'm in need of emptying the "random crap" part of my brain, so this will be the result of that.

It's Wednesday morning at the XanGo building (and, in case you wondering, I capitalized the G on purpose. I was indoctrinated to this practice during my 3rd week with the company in a friendly email from a co-worker. If we don't capitalize all of the letters, then we capitalize the X AND the G.) I'm not real thrilled to be at work today, truth be told. And this is being exacerbated by several things:

a) I'm sick. I'm not sure where the cold started. I believe this time, finally, it's Ben who started the disease. It's usually my fault when we both get sick, and I feel guilt. Not feeling guilt doesn't make me any less sick though.

b) Someone decided that 67 is the perfect number of degrees for this office. & unlike my safe comfy little library at Nu Skin, I have no control over the temperature of my work space. The whole stupid floor is 67. & I sit under an air vent. I wore a sweater today, but I am still REALLY cold, which cannot be making me less sick.

c) We're going on a road trip. It starts in the morning, and it's going to be a very long drive. Add to that the fact that I haven't packed, Kim is coming to our house at 8 (we're leaving early in the morning, so she's staying over tonight. It just makes sense), and it's LOST night. Which means I'd LIKE to have my house clean, my stuff packed, and be sitting on the couch in the living room at 8. But I'm running in slow motion, because, as previously stated, I'm sick. . .

Which brings me to a point I would like to make with the rhymers of this world. Who created the "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" fallacy? I'm pretty annoyed with that little lie right now. It's fall. & in the fall I LOVE apples. They are a wonderful little treat that I can easily cart with me to work without making a mess and enjoy during one of my MANY hungry moments during the day. Eating apples is supposed to give me a sense of well being. I'm eating FRUIT! For a SNACK!! & I LIKE IT!! I almost feel sheepish admitting it. But it's also supposed to keep me healthy. Along with the 3 oz shot of XanGo I chug down every night, I'm supposed to be feeling better. I'm supposed to be able to AVOID the doctor by eating apples. Well, I'm here to tell you, I have had an apple a day for the last 2 weeks, and I am still sick. I'm just saying. Don't make up the stupid rhymes and teach them to children if they're not even true! It's false advertising, pure and simple.

New thought.

Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago, Dallas & I took a road trip to Disneyland. We spent at least a week before the trip making what we called a "music chain" set of CDs. Esentially the trick was to name a song that related in some way, title or artist, to the song before. It's pretty simple really, but it was the making of one of THE best road trip compilations I've ever had the joy of listening to. It was like 400 songs long, which meant, even though they were MP3 CDs, there were 2 of them. It was brilliant.

Well, we are going on a road trip tomorro, as previously stated, so the goal of the day is to stock Minnie (my ipod Mini. I know, not that creative. We can't ALL be as clever as Ben is when naming inanimate objects) with as much music as I possibly can that we can enjoy on our 14+ hour-each-way-drive. This is slightly tricky for several reasons.

a) On a road trip, the music is CRUCIAL. It can make or break a road trip. Honestly. I really do feel that way.

b) Kim (Ben's sister) is driving with us. I don't know what Kim listens to.

c) I have HUGE broad tastes. I like new music. I don't like to listen to the same 15 songs over and over and over.

d) Ben does. He likes the songs he knows. He likes to sing along. & he's tricky to get hooked onto something new. I'd say, on a CD of 18 new songs that i provide for him to try out, 1, MAYBE 2, win. The last CD I made for him, Ruby Blue was the winner. He likes repetition. He likes to already know he loves stuff. Have I made this point already?

e) I have 4 GB to work with. As ipods go, this is not a lot of space. But, in the 3 months I have worked on my special little mac laptop, I have listened to a LOT of music, added the songs I really liked from the huge stack of music back up I have in my drawer, and still only have 2.85 GB on my machine. I don't want to fill the space with crap. I don't want to get bored. (I'm probably just a snob) But I feel this strong urge to have 4GB of music to work with. . . is that so wrong?

f) I'm taking this whole music thing WAY too seriously and Ben & Kim aren't going to care in the least. It only matters to me.

On the plus side, I don't have to be back here in this COLD COLD building for another 5 days. & I get to see where Ben's parents live. & I get to get out of this valley for a while. I'm excited. Even if the point of the trip is to paint walls & move stuff. It's still going to be nice to get away.

It's cold & I'm sick, but it's still like Friday on Wednesday.

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