Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Best Santa Ever

I may have the best Santa Claus anywhere. I know what you're thinking. You think YOU have the best Santa. But I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

My Santa, also known as my sweet husband, spoiled me quite beautifully this year. Unfortunately, far more than i spoiled him. But I plan to make it up to him. . . The after Christmas sales are going to be our friend.

This is just a small selection of what Santa left me. And let us remember that I did not pick ANY of this out. He just has good taste.

Fox & the Hound, to add to our ever growing Disney DVD collection.

A Prayer For Owen Meany (although the cover is different) which I have seen listed on about a MILLION people's favorite books of all time. My family loves the movie, but I've never read the book.

Bath and Body Works Fiesta!

A gorgeous new jewelry box. I have all of my earrings, necklaces, watches, etc. all jammed in a wooden bowl on our dresser. There is no order to it. It takes a good long time to find what I'm looking for every time I decide I need to wear earrings. It's just not efficient. I told Ben I wanted a jewelry box, but I didn't picture something this nice. It's beautiful. & to add to it, he got me a gift card to Argento to get some new jewelry to fill it.

Seriously. Best Santa ever.

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