Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Breath Of Heaven

As a tribute to the season, I have a story to relate. I was just reminded of it when the song Breath of Heaven, ala Amy Grant, came up in my itunes mix. Let me take you back a few years. 2, actually, so I guess that actually qualifies as a couple of years, but I digress.

One wintry December night in 2004, Dallas, Nick and I were bored. It had been a yucky couple of months and the 3 of us spent a lot of time together talking about how the opposite sex sucked and watching lots of movies. Occasionally, though, we had adventures. Jollys, as Petre Biggs called them. Each of these jollys would be accompanied by a video camera, because we're nerds, and because Dallas was a film minor. We were still convinced that our documentary was going to get finished some day.

On this particular night, we decided to do a little bit of stalking, and a lot of unnecessary driving. Chris, a recent ex-boyfriend of mine, had commented that he never got real Christmas cards in the mail, and his info was unlisted in the phone book. SO we decided to be Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and drive past his house to gather the address information.
OK, NOW it seems like it may have been stalking. . .but at the time, I knew he would not be home, so it didn't seem like that big of a deal.

Except that he lives in West Valley.

For those of you unfamiliar with Utah geography, that's a good 45 minute drive from Springville.

So, off we went. We stopped at the new Lehi Walmart along the way, and were accosted by a manager, trailed by her intrepid little tattle tale employee, to let us know that we could NOT film in the store. It was against store policy. What the crap? Who makes rules like that? It's WALMART! We're not gathering national security secrets! We're picking out candy!

Anyway, once equipped with the proper treats to carry us through the trip, we drove to Chris's house and gathered our intelligence. As we were leaving Chris's neighborhood, the highlight of the night happened. On the radio came Jessica Simpsons bastardized version of Amy Grant's beautiful song (though she may have stolen it too, I don't know) Breath of Heaven.

Nick was in the back seat eating Peppermint Swoops and singing along to the song, while Dallas filmed him, because it was pretty amusing to watch. Somewhere during the 2nd verse Dallas and I were laughing so hard it became contagious. Poor Nick started laughing too. . . mid verse and with a mouth full of Swoop. and. . . he choked. The Swoop got stuck in his throat and he coughed. And coughed. And coughed. until. . .

he threw up a little.

in the back seat of my car.

We hurried to Carl's Jr. (the closest place with a bathroom that you could just run in to) where Dallas FOLLOWED Nick into the bathroom with the camera to document him cleaning up. Apparently there was someone else in the bathroom, though, who thought they were a little. . . quirky.

The rest of the night was spent stalking Nick's ex's house, driving up and down the "WHEEEE!!! Hill" in American Fork, and just generally not acting our age. . . except for Nick, who probably was acting his age.

Anyway, it's a favorite story of mine & Nick's, and I just had to share, because we all need a laugh at Christmas. . . even if it's just the "You are SO weird and immature" kind of laugh.

PS-- Chris, forgive me if I never told you this story.
PPS-- Dallas, if you read this, I NEED a copy of that video. I'll pay you for it :)

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