Saturday, December 30, 2006

2 Movie Day

In an attempt to finally catch up on the movies I missed this fall, I decided that a 2 movie day was in order today. Luckily, the movie gods were on my side, and some of the movies I needed to see were still playing in Salt Lake.

First, Nick & I went to see The Departed. I had heard such great things about it, claiming it was Scorcese's best film to date. It got plenty of awards attention, so I knew I had to see it, even if I'm not much of a fan of gangster movies in general. And I must say, it's great. I had to tune out the pervasive language, and sort of block out the violence, but once I did that, I really loved it. It's some fantastic acting from Leo, and the rest of the cast as well. I think it's fantastic casting, using guys that are really from Boston (Matt & Mark) as they come of as very natural in their setting. It was a great movie.

And for movie #2, Melissa and Trish joined us for The Queen. Again, I had heard such great things, and it didn't disappoint. Helen Mirren is amazing. I am constantly in awe of her acting talent. She has a very distinct voice, and I thought it would distract me and remind me who I was watching, but it didn't. The whole cast was wonderful, and it offered me a whole new perspective on things I remember happening 13 years ago. I had no idea that the British felt the way they did about the Queen, and it left me wondering if all is better now.

If I can just manage to see Babel before it leaves Salt Lake, I believe I will feel better about my movie going for the year.

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